Hotel Il Viandante in the Arno

The Arno River is the queen of this corner of Tuscany known as the Valdarno, whose name means “Arno Valley”. The Arno lends the valley’s landscape a touch of wildness with ravines opening between rolling hills of olive trees and vineyards.

The Valdarno abounds in charm with its castles perched atop its “poggi” (hills), small villages clinging to the hillsides, and with its varied landscapes, ranging from the placid Levane lake to the wetlands of the Bandella Oasis (places that can be explored foot or on board a boat to catch sight of the many species of birds that nest here or stop over on their migrations.)

historic village
Il Borro is a historic village where time seems to stand still. Offering up a perfect example of how the Arno has shaped the landscape, Il Borro is surrounded by deep rocky gorges as if to protect it from the march of time. Here, the houses perched on the hillside become one with the hills.

Every last corner of the Valdarno speaks of history and the many medieval battles fought here. Even Da Vinci chose to immortalize Mona Lisa with the b­ackdrop of these very hills.


This area around Arezzo proliferates in historic towns of boundless charm, the likes of Montevarchi, Terranuova Bracciolini, and Cavriglia with their many churches and historic sites.

We need hardly say that the allure of Tuscany doesn’t stop in the Valdarno…

Our chiantishireA very short ways from the hotel is the valley of Chianti, renowned worldwide for its fine wines, delicious cuisine, and landscape of rolling hills.
Chianti has so many beauties it defies description.
It holds innumerable castles and Renaissance villas, many of which have become thriving wineries where you can stop to sample local wines and foods. This corner of Tuscany is made all the more enchanting for its medieval villages, historic parish churches, and the warmth of the Tuscan people.


Siena main squareSiena’s province stretches out just south of Hotel Il Viandante with its landscapes of clayey earth, historic villages, and many spas where you can pamper yourself.
Certainly not to be forgotten, less than an hour’s drive away is the famed medieval city of Siena (where the Palio historic horse races are run).
Few things are more delightful than meeting for a stroll in Piazza del Campo (see the picture!).


arezzo piazza grande squereIn under a half an hour drive from Hotel Il Viandante you can get to Arezzo, a city with a medieval center, and the magnificent setting for Roberto Benigni’s Oscar-winning film, Life Is Beautiful. Arezzo delights visitors with its historically interesting architecture, like its Cathedral and Vasari House, home to the famed art historian from Arezzo, Giorgio Vasari. Just strolling through the city’s narrow streets is a pleasure in itself, particularly during its famous antiques fair on every first Sunday of the month. Immerse yourself completely in Tuscany at its most charming.


And, standing above the rest, there she is: Florence!

Firenze snow backgroundFlorence is the art city to end all art cities.
It’s where the greatest artists of all time worked, like Giotto, Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Fra Angelico. Florence and all her splendors are less than an hour away by car. A few days is all it takes to see all its major sites, from the Duomo to the Uffizi museum, and, not to be missed, Michelangelo’s original David at the Galleria dell’Accademia.

Tuscany has even more to offer than its medieval villages and historic churches, monasteries, and palazzi. Land of fine wine and food, you can take tours throughout Tuscany to discover our traditional dishes, simple fare cooked with humble, yet infinitely delicious ingredients. Try our famed ribollita bread stew, or the even more famous Florentine-style steak. These dishes are as straightforward and as tell-it-like-it-is as the people of Tuscany themselves.

Tuscany can sate all your appetites, whether it’s your thirst for knowledge, your hunger for good food, or your desire to indulge in a shopping spree at great prices. Don’t forget that textiles is a major industry in Tuscany, which is why the outlets of leading Italian and international labels are found here. Just ten minutes by car from our hotel is Prada’s The Space. Only about fifteen kilometers (9.5 miles) away you can stock up on designer garments at FIVE outlets: The Mall, D&G, Fashion Valley, The Groove and Prada.

Ok, We understand about surrounds.. but why we should came to hotel Il Viandante
(The wayfarer translated fro Italian language)?

Laura And Ema drinking coffe, wolud you?


Our three-star hotel gives our guests the best of Italian hospitality.
In our family-run hotel, Emanuele, Laura and their parents personally attend to our guests’ comfort. Our entire staff speaks English and our around-the-clock hours means our guests get truly excellent service.

  • Free Wi-Fi is available everywhere in the hotel and there is an internet point too.
  • Parking is free.
  • Rooms are very comfortable, well furnished and big in size.


Hotel Il Viandante’s rooms and services are flawless.
Guests will be amazed by the excellent breakfast served with food grown and made locally.
Your stay in our hotel will be all the more delightful for the deliciousness of the high quality food we serve.


A special extra that Il Viandante gives to our guests are discount cards to some of the nearby outlets and restaurants in the area.



Our hotel is right by the exit of the A1 Valdarno highway.
It is very easy to reach by train too, from Florence or Arezzo, getting off at the Montevarchi or San Giovanni Valdarno stops. Transportation between the station and the hotel is provided, if needed.

If you’re coming by air, land in Florence or Pisa.


Tuscany has a mild climate and is nice to visit year round, including in winter.
Generally all credit cards are accepted at hotels, restaurants, and shops, but you need cash for buying things at street stalls and small shops.


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